Three Ways to Resolve a Tenant-to-Tenant Dispute

In big cities, tenant to tenant disputes can be a nuisance. Usually, many such disputes are worked out by the tenants independently. But if you are the landlord for both parties, and the tenants aren't able to resolve matters, one of them may come to you for help. Here are three ways to resolve the situation.

Work With Both Tenants

Make sure you get both sides of the story. For example, if one tenant complains that a neighbor plays loud music, don't simply tell the other tenant to turn their music down - visit to see just how loud the music actually is. You may find that it's not that loud at all - or that the complaining tenant is wrong about which neighbor is actually at fault. Once you hear both sides of the debate, you may be able to see how both parties can compromise.

Hire a Mediator

If you sense that your tenants would be unwilling to work with you, suggest they take their conflict to a mediator. Mediators are trained to resolve difficult conflicts between tenants, particularly when both parties are too angry to discuss things calmly.

The Law as a Last Resort

If the tenant to tenant dispute involves illegal activity, do not try to resolve things yourself. Contact your local law enforcement as quickly as possible so that you do not become a party to the crime.

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