Use a Realtor's Expertise

Realtors serve a useful purpose in the world of home buying and selling. Selling a home can be difficult, especially in a buyer's market. A realtor in your corner can make the difference between a home that sells quickly and one that spends months on the market. Listed here are a few good reasons to use a realtor when selling your home:

  • Realtors have the knowledge necessary to sell your home. They're trained and certified to work in the real estate profession. Many realty companies will not hire an agent unless he or she meets the highest of standards for education and experience. These professionals have the knowledge to give you every advantage when selling your home.

  • They can properly assess the value of your home. It's a difficult task to price your home by yourself. A number of different factors go into the valuation number. A lot depends upon the trends in the market. For instance, in a buyer's market homes typically don't sell for as much as they're worth because buyers have so many properties from which to choose. And, location is always important when selling or buying a home. A realtor can keep you from asking too much, or selling yourself short by undervaluing your home.

  • A realtor has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Any home that a realtor represents is put on a master list. This list is available to all realtors regardless of what company they work for. The accessibility of the list increases exposure, thereby also increasing the chances that your home will be sold.

  • Realtors have a network of professionals at their disposal. They can recommend other professionals to help you throughout the selling process. They use appraisers and inspectors that they're familiar with to assess your home. They can suggest escrow companies to handle the deal. It's easy to get taken for a ride by unscrupulous people in the real estate industry. The guesswork about who to work with is eliminated by the realtor with a network of reliable professionals.

  • They know the real estate laws, and this knowledge can be invaluable. You don't want to jeopardize your deal because of something that you weren't aware you had to do. A realtor can advise you up front about what your responsibilities are in the selling process. They'll be sure that you make the proper disclosures and that all of the wording in the real estate contract is proper, legal and binding.

  • Realtors represent professionalism. When a potential buyer sees that you've hired a professional, they'll be less likely to try to 'put one over on you.' A realtor will go a long way toward dispelling those thoughts and force a buyer to deal honestly with you.

  • They'll stick with you every step of the way. A good realtor will earn the commission that he or she receives for selling your home. They can offer advice for advertising, staging your home, holding open houses, and contract negotiations. From the day that you hire a realtor as your partner and representative, they'll be available to help make the sale of your home a reality.

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