Using Scouts to Find Rental Investments

If you are interested in getting started with rental investments, you might want to consider utilizing a property scout to help you. Here are the basics of using scouts to find rental investments.

What Scouts Do

Property scouts can fulfill a number of roles for you as a property investor. They will save you quite a bit of time by getting background information on potential rental properties. For example, they are going to check the general condition of the rental house. They will also give you details as to the property location and what type of neighborhood the property is located in. They will also give you specifics about what the asking price of the property is and if there are any unique selling terms. If the seller is anxious to sell the property, they will also find out why they want to get rid of the property quickly.

Using a Scout

In order to find a scout to work with, you might want to develop some real estate contacts in the area. A real estate broker might be able to direct you to a quality scout. When you hire a scout, they will typically work on a finder's fee basis. If you end up buying the property, they will collect a certain percentage. 

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