What is a Winter Lease Expiration?

A winter lease expiration is a lease with an expiration date which falls during the winter. These types of leases are unusual, since most tenants usually begin their leases in the late spring or summer.

Problems with a Winter Lease Expiration

The demand for rental properties is highest in the late spring, when graduates are shopping for their first apartments, or late summer, when students are heading back to school. Even long-term renters tend to schedule moves during the summer, when the milder weather does not cause any difficulties with the move.

But in the winter, very few people are looking for a new rental property - students are settled into school, and graduates have already found their leases for the year. So if the lease on a property expires during the winter, it may stay empty for several months until the demand for properties picks up again.

Avoiding a Winter Lease Expiration

Sometimes, however, your existing tenant may have to break a lease during the winter because of unexpected circumstances. To get the property back into a summer schedule, try offering the property as a short-term rental at a reduced rate. This lets you draw income on the space for a few months until the summer demand picks up - then you can offer the property at an annual rate again.

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