What to Expect from Your Property Manager

Hiring a property manager can provide you with numerous benefits if you own rental property. Property managers can perform many different tasks for you that will make your job as a rental property owner much easier. Here are the basics of what you should expect from your property manager.


One of the biggest responsibilities of a property manager is taking care of maintenance on the rental property. If you are going to own rental property, you are going to have to address the issue of maintenance on the property somehow. If you do not maintain the property properly, you will not be able to keep renters in it. For example, you are going to have to put someone in charge of mowing the grass and taking care of the outside of the property. Unless you want to do this yourself, it might be wise to hire a property manager to handle this process. They will maintain the property and make sure that it continues to look good for the renters.


The property manager is also going to be in charge of facilitating repairs on the property. With smaller repairs, they may be able to fix the problem themselves. Most property managers are handy and have a good background with repairing property. If the repair is something large, they will typically contact you in order to see how you would like to proceed. If the damage to the property was caused by something that will be covered by insurance, they will contact you to report a claim to your insurance company. If the repair is large, the property manager is going to get multiple bids from contractors in order to give you an idea of how much it will cost. Typically, you will have to make a decision as to which contractor you want to go with.


Whenever you own a rental property, you are going to have to deal with tenant emergencies at some point. For example, if the toilet starts overflowing in the middle of the night, the tenant is going to call someone. If you have a property manager, you can direct all of these calls to him or her. The property manager is going to be in charge of handling these emergencies for you in the best way possible.

Tenant Relations

The property manager will also be in charge of handling and interacting with the tenants. Whenever a tenant has a problem with a property, they will report directly to the property manager. The property manager will then do what they can to make the tenant happy. The property manager is also going to be in charge of collecting rent from the tenants at the appropriate time. Whenever there is a vacancy in one of your rental properties, the property manager will be in charge of finding a new tenant for the property. They will advertise the opening and visit with prospective tenants in order to eliminate the vacancy.

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