When Should You Get Back a Security Deposit?

You should get back a security deposit if the only difference between apartment condition upon your exit is normal wear and tear. Anything that represents abnormal damages can be counted against the deposit. Normal wear and tear includes:

  • Noticeable changes in the carpet, excluding any large stains, that may be corrected with a simple carpet cleaning
  • Any reasonable amount of wear to windows, doors, kitchen appliances and other features of the home

Damages that would prevent you from regaining your deposit should be corrected while you are still a tenant at no expense to you. This include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Broken appliances due to wear and not personal causes
  • Damages caused by weather and other unpreventable problems

If you fail to have these damages corrected while you occupy a property, you may not get your security deposit back. As such, it is important to contact your landlord anytime you notice damage in your apartment. In most cases, the landlord will be extremely appreciative you took the time to call. If you personally damage anything in the apartment, you will need to correct the damages before moving out. This includes a surface cleaning of the apartment, though a deep cleaning is rarely required.



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