2 Factors that Affect Your Veteran's Disability Status

The VA disability program is designed to compensate veterans with a disability status for injuries which have occurred during active service. The amount of compensation which the disabled person is entitled to can be dependent upon a number of different features, related to the process by which the VA assess the service connected disability.

Assessing Disability

The Veterans Administration program assesses disability using a Disability Ratings Schedule. This schedule has sometimes been the source of conflicts between veterans and the VA, as they may not always be amended to allow appropriate compensation. Recent assessments suggest that the VA's schedule is still using a number of judgments which are based upon 1945 values, particularly those which assess the loss of potential earnings through injury. This can affect the amount of veterans compensation that you receive.

Assessing Service Connection

The schedule also distributes compensation based upon a percentage of the disability. The process is to calculate exactly how much of the injury can be directly attributed to military service. This can be low for conditions such as spinal cord injuries, where subsequent changes can also affect the amount of pain and mobility that the person suffers. Only the amount of injury which the VA feels is directly attributed to military service is eligible for compensation.

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