2 Most Common Complaints Regarding Disabled Veteran's Benefits

Many former military personnel who receive disabled veterans benefits find that they are not as happy with their settlement as they had hoped. Veterans may suffer from poor disability payouts, a lack of secure funding, and sometimes even not receiving the benefits themselves. Even people who receive the full disabled veterans benefits amount may find that their personal circumstances make using the money as it was intended very difficult.

Benefits Not Received

Although the VA is dedicated to helping veterans who have come back from military service with disabilities, they are not always able to handle the claims as quickly as the veteran would like. This can sometimes feel as though the VA is deliberately taking its time over paying the disabled veterans benefits allowance, which can make the veteran angry or disappointed. The VA is also very difficult to speak to, particularly when making appeals, and this can also frustrate the veteran.

Benefits Too Low

Another common complaint among veterans is that they have been assessed at the wrong percentage. This is the amount of injury which was caused by military service, and affects payments. A veteran with a 30% injury will receive much less than a veteran with 100%. Many veterans feel that they have been put into the wrong percentage bracket.

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