2 Reasons Veteran's Pensions are Denied

It is a hard fact that many former members of the US military are denied veterans' pensions. Even the VA admits that around 3/4 of all veterans pensions are denied the first time around. This can cause real hardship among some veterans, but there are a number of reasons for the denial of veterans pensions requests.

Form Incomplete

The most common reason for denying an application the first time around is that the form is not filled in properly. The veterans pensions application form is complicated, with multiple pages, which can try the strength of any veteran suffering from injury or illness. If any spaces on the form are left blank, the VA will consider the form incomplete, and reject the application. They may also reject the application if you do not respond to requests for clarification.

Documentation Incomplete

As well as the form itself, veterans will also have to send in a lot of documentation. This includes any medical bills, particularly if they exceed your current income. They will also delay or deny the application for veterans benefits if claimed dependants are not adequately documented. You will also have to accurately document your income, and any type of medical expenses which have not been paid. This is one of the most common reasons for applications to be denied.


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