4 Monetary Reasons to Choose an Assisted Living Village

Most people considering an assisted living village only see the large price tag associated with the move. It is true: there is nothing cheap about moving into a full-service facility. Association fees, staff and other considerations make these expensive options later in life. However, few people truly realize the actual cost of residing in an assisted living facility can be lower than the actual cost of living on your own. Consider these ways the price tag on an assisted living facility matches the services offered.

#1 In-House Medical Staff

You will still need to seek outside support if you have a complicated medical issue. However, most seniors have day-to-day concerns that do not require the full care of a specialist. If you get a cold or the flu, suffer minor aches and pains or just want to check to see if you need to see a doctor, you can rely on the in-house medical staff. Nurses and doctors present on site will manage the majority of your medical woes, and the cost is covered in your association fees. Each time you see a doctor outside of a facility, you would potentially spend up to $50 in a co-payment. Inside the facility, the cost is not incurred. 

#2 Discounted Dining

The cost of dining when you are past retirement can go up tremendously. Many retired couples, particularly those in their senior years, do not cook at home. While you do pay for the dining you receive at your assisted living facility, the cost of this food is deeply discounted when compared to a traditional restaurant. Further, there is no need to think about where dinner will be served each night. Most members of the community still enjoy lunches and evenings out; the benefit, though, is they can stay in when they choose without the hassle of cooking.

#3 Simple Moving Options

As you age, you will find moving is more challenging than it used to be. First, there is the element of lifting. This becomes too great for the elderly body, so a moving service must be used to manage more aspects of the process. The mental hassle of moving, which is a big task at any age, can additionally take a toll on a person. An assisted living facility often provides different levels of care and service. If you need to move into a less independent facility, you can do so with ease and with a relatively low cost.

#4 No Cost Spent in Travel

When you are in an assisted living village, the majority of the services you need will be located within that village in one, simple location. This can allow you to cut back on travel expenses. For example, a couple may be able to move from two cars to one. This is an insurance reduction, and it is also a lower gas cost. In fact, your insurance may be significantly lower if after you move to an assisted living village. Car insurers know you will be driving far less and your care will be secured.

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