5 Popular Jobs after Retirement

If you are looking at jobs after retirement, there are many different possibilities that you could consider. Here are some of the most popular jobs to pursue after you retire.

1. Consultant

Many people move into consulting roles after they retire. This is a natural transition because it allows them to have more free time while at the same time working in a field that they know.

2. Caterer

Another job possibility that you might want to consider is that of a caterer. Working as a caterer, you will have a flexible schedule and you will be able to make some extra money.

3. Store Greeter

Many retirees get a job as a store greeter at a retail establishment. This is a good job for many retirees because it is not physically demanding and it allows them to get out and visit with the public.

4. Floral Assistant

You might also want to think about working as a floral assistant. Many retirees love to work with flowers and this would give them an opportunity to do so while earning a little extra money.

5. Tour Guide

Many retirees also look for jobs as tour guides. If you live around any historic areas that offer tours, this can be a great way to share some of your knowledge and supplement your retirement income.

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