Assisted Living: Requirements for Medicaid

The assisted living Medicaid program is a federal program offered nationwide in the United States. The primary function of this program is to provide medical benefits for seniors and any eligible individuals or families with low incomes. Assisted living has become the popular choice in the Medicaid program.

Inquiries about the Program

Guidelines of the program vary from one state to another. There is no common rule that all states must pay for assisted living. However, some states realize that this plan will actually save them a lot more money than having people in nursing homes. You need to contact your state government concerning the coverage of the program. From there, you will be able to know who is entitled to receive the benefit.

Get Automatic Qualifications

Basically, there are only two ways you can qualify for the assisted living Medicaid program. Either you can prove your financial status is categorized at the poverty level or that you receive income assistance from your state. The standard percentage to be fully eligible is not more than 133 percent of the national poverty level. In other words, you can get into the program if you have very low income and you match at least one of the descriptions stated under the eligibility groups.

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