Benefits and Risks of a Precious Metals IRA

Investing in a precious metals IRA has become very popular due to volatility in the stock market. Many people are looking for a way to get into other markets and grow their portfolio, even when the economy is bad. Here are some of the benefits and risks of a precious metals IRA.


One of the biggest advantages of putting money into a precious metals IRA is the diversification. Most people put the majority of their money into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this strategy, if the domestic economy performs poorly, most of those investments will also perform poorly. When all of your money is tied up in this market, it can have devastating effects on you financially. If you branch out and put some of your money into a precious metals IRA, your portfolio can continue to grow, regardless of what happens in your domestic economy. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are valuable in every market and their value is not determined solely by the performance of the United States economy.

Substantial Returns

Those who have invested in precious metals IRAs have sometimes been rewarded with astounding returns on investment. The returns that gold and silver can provide a portfolio can be substantial. In many cases, these assets grow in value at faster rates than stocks or mutual funds. 

Maintaining Value

Another benefit of putting money into a precious metals IRA is that it will always have some type of value. Gold and silver are physical assets that have always had value throughout the history of time. There is no indication that these precious metals will ever lose their total value. With stocks, if a company goes out of business, you could potentially lose all of your investment. With gold and silver, even if the market is down, it will always be worth something.

Rip Off Risk

One thing you have to watch out for when investing in this market is the chance that you could be ripped off. Even though financial authorities continue to improve oversight of this market, there are still problems in this market. When you do not physically hold the precious metals yourself, you do not necessarily know if they are really being held for you. The company that is in charge of this, might not have enough gold and silver to fulfill all of the investor's accounts that they work with.


The precious metals market is extremely volatile and the prices of these items can fluctuate greatly from one day to the next. This means that the value of your retirement account can fluctuate drastically as well. If you are close to retirement and the precious metals are in a prolonged downswing, it could potentially affect your ability to start withdrawing money. This type of investment vehicle should be carefully analyzed, especially if you are close to retirement.

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