Common Mistakes in Dealing with an IRA Advisor

Your IRA advisor is there to assist you with decisions regarding your retirement account. Many people do not handle their interactions with their advisor properly. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when dealing with an IRA advisor.

Taking Every Recommendation

Many times, your IRA advisor will be able to provide you with good investment advice. However, you do not want to take every recommendation that they make without doing your own research. IRA advisors are paid a commission for the securities that they sell to their customers. Therefore, they are basically commission salespeople when it comes to investments. This means that they will be trying to steer you into buying securities that may not be in your best interest in order to earn a commission.

Completely Avoiding Them

Although your IRA advisor will make a commission when you buy or sell a security, this does not mean that you should completely avoid them altogether. Many people are afraid to contact their IRA advisor when they have a question about their account. You should not be scared to talk to them at any point. They are paid in order to help you when you have a problem and therefore, you should utilize them as you need them.

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