Disabled Veterans: 2 Most Common Errors in Applying

If you want to apply for a disabled veterans benefit, then you will need to make sure that you apply correctly. The VA intends to help veterans, but due to its work load, it will often reject incorrect applications out of hand, meaning that you will not receive your disabled veterans benefit until you have applied again. Avoiding errors the first time will help you to receive the benefits you deserve.

Incomplete Form

One of the most difficult parts of applying for any kind of disabled veterans benefit is filling in the form correctly. The benefit form is long and complex, with many hundreds of questions. In order to fill out the form correctly, you need to go through all of the questions, and leave an answer with every one. Even if the question is not relevant, you still need to make some kind of answer. Forms which are not complete will be denied.

Inadequate Exams

One of the most common reasons for a benefit denial is that the medical examination is not sufficient. Over a third of all medical examinations on veterans are not suitable for the rating purposes. If your medical exam does not provide enough to rate your injuries, then your disabled veterans claim will most likely be denied.

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