How Are VA Disability Benefits Transferred to Dependents?

VA disability benefits, which are tax-free, are paid to veterans who are disabled due to their services for the country. Veteran Affairs is a benefit system run by the US government for the the benefit of veterans. The VA is responsible for taking care of federal programs related to veterans, their family and survivors.

Eligibility for Transfer of Benefits

Benefits can easily be transferred to dependents of the veteran in either of two ways. One way is by filling out and submitting VA form 221990e, which is located on the government's GI Bill website. There is a link to the page “Transfer Benefits to Dependents," and you are able to submit the form electronically. Online submission is the best way to go, since your form will get processed more quickly than if you mail it in.

To be eligible for the benefit transfer, the dependent must be no more than 23 years of age and has to be in DEERS (the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System). If the child is over 21, then he/she has to be a full-time student no older than 23. Veterans whose disabilities are related to time served in the military and rated 30 percent or more by the VA will receive additional benefits and allowances for their dependents. The additional amount is determined by the degree of the disability and how many dependents are eligible.


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