How Do 55 Plus Communities Spend Their Money?

Generally, 55 plus communities will do things a bit differently than the general population. One area in which they are typically different is in how they spend their money. Here are a few ways that most 55 plus communities spend their money.


Many in the 55 plus community spend a large portion of their budget on recreation expenses. The individuals who comprise these communities tend to have more free time than the rest of the general population and spend it enjoying themselves. These costs can include travel, recreational vehicles and club memberships.


Another large chunk of money is spent on medical care and treatment. Individuals that are over the age of 55 tend to have more medications and medical treatments as a part of their regular regimen. They may even spend a lot of their money on alternative forms of treatment such as massage or acupuncture.

Loved Ones

Many 55 plus individuals will also spend a great deal of money on their loved ones. Many of the people in these communities are grandparents and are willing to spend money on their grandchildren. They tend to buy elaborate gifts for their grandchildren and children. Many of them also help loved ones financially when they have trouble.

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