How to File for Veteran's Pension

Veteran's pension is a financial support offered by the U.S. government to its wartime veterans ages 65 years or older. Military servicemen who are permanently disabled are also beneficiaries of the pension program. If you are eligible to claim the veteran's pension, you can apply for this benefit online.

Procedure for Online Application

Follow these steps when you applying for the veteran's pension through the Internet:

1. Go to the Veterans ON-line Application, or VONAPP, website, which is operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

2. Click and read thoroughly the "instructions for filling up application" before starting the application process. Gather the information and the required supporting documents listed on VA Form 21-526, which is the Veteran's Application for Compensation and/or Pension form.

3. Go back to the main page with the needed information on hand. Click "start VONAPP." Reserve the necessary documents, which will be mailed separately to your VA Regional Office.

4. Read the instructions on how to navigate the application process before clicking "continue."

5. Complete the registration procedure if you are a new user. If you have an existing account on VONAPP, you are required to log on with your login name and password.

6. Fill out the required fields based on the information you have prepared beforehand. Make sure that you entered the correct data before submitting the final application.

7. Print the confirmation page for your personal record. In case any problem arises, the printed material serves as your evidence that you submitted an application online.

8. Mail the required supporting documents to your VA Regional Office. To locate the physical address of your local office, go to the VA's official website and click "locations-->regional benefits office."

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