How to Invest in Gold with Your IRA

When investing in an IRA, gold is one of the options that you have to put in your portfolio. Gold presents you with several unique benefits that you can not get from other types of investments. Here are a few ways that you could invest in gold with funds from your IRA.

Gold ETF

One of the easiest ways to get involved with gold in your IRA is to buy shares in a gold ETF. ETF stands for exchange traded fund and it works similar to a mutual fund. These securities are traded on the stock exchange and can be easily bought and sold. This gives you a very diversified investment that utilizes gold as its main asset. 

Futures Contract

Another way that you could invest in gold with your IRA is to utilize a gold futures contract. In order to use this method, you will have to make sure that your broker allows this kind of investment. Many brokers will not offer this service as it is a little more complicated than buying a stock or ETF. If this is your investment, you will want to check with your potential broker before you get started with them as a customer.

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