Pet Trust: Make Sure Your Pet is Taken Care Of

A pet trust is a type of estate planning tool that can ensure that your pet is taken care of once you pass. The pet trust is a provision that you can make as part of your will. You can also set one up as an inter vivos trust which takes effect while you are still alive. Whenever you set up a pet trust, you will be able to set aside a certain amount of resources to ensure that your pet is going to be taken care of in the future.


With this type of trust, you are going to select a caregiver to watch after the animal. The trustee is going to provide payments to the caregiver to that they will be able to pay for food and medical costs at a veterinarian.


You can also provide detailed instructions to the caregiver on how to take care of your pet. You can tell them what kind of food they like, what veterinarian they go to, what their daily schedule is like and any other information that the caregiver might need to know in the future.

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