Preparing a Donor Advised Fund in Retirement

If you want to continue your charity contributions after your death, then you should consider using a donor advised fund. You can establish this fund in your retirement to help manage your charity. There are significant tax advantages to using these funds and you can use to give them to give more to charity, or keep them for yourself.

Setting up a Donor Advised Fund

The donor-advised fund works best if you will be funding different charities. It is a good way of providing money for those charities that are important to after you have gone. It works like a living will. Also, the donor advised fund is a tax-exempt charity, which means that you can also write if off on your tax returns.

Getting Tax Breaks

The donor-advised fund is one to benefit from your charitable contributions. According to IRS law, you claim the contribution and you will be exempt for a portion of the donation. You can also use the fund if you have a number of assets and want to avoid paying capital gains tax or have other assets that carry a tax liability.

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