The Average Cost of Assisted Living

If you are considering an assisted living facility for a loved one, you may have concerns about the cost. The average cost of residential care services varies, depending on the facility, but the benefits could far outweigh the expense.

Factors That May Influence Cost

The term “assisted living” encompasses many different varieties of care facility. The average assisted living complex, however, charges a flat monthly rate based on the needs and preferences of each resident. These facilities often offer different care packages according to the amount of help an individual needs to go about his daily activities. For example, an individual who requires a staff member to administer his medication each day could expect to pay more than an individual who either does not need medication or does not require assistance taking it.

Another factor that may influence the cost of assisted living is your loved one’s living arrangements. Some assisted living facilities offer residents the option to share a room with another resident to help reduce costs. Still others provide those that can afford it with luxury accommodations.

Assisted Living Costs

Living in an assisted living facility will cost a senior citizen, on average, $2000 to $3000 a month. Unfortunately, Medicare does not help offset the costs seniors incur for assisted living services. Medicaid, however, does pay a portion of assisted living costs for participating facilities in some states.

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