Veteran Disability Claim: Contesting Injury Ratings

The VA refuses a great many of the veteran disability claim applications which are sent to them, and they may also disappoint veterans by giving them a lower injury rating than they deserve. You may feel that your injuries are more serious than the VA have allowed, and if you wish, you can contest the injury ratings. There are a number of procedures that you will have to complete before your claim is adjusted.

Notice of Disagreement

Before you can proceed to contest your injury claim, you will need to file a Notice of Disagreement, or NOD. This must be done as quickly as possible, as you will not be allowed paid legal counsel before the Notice has been submitted. This Notice of Disagreement should put clearly the nature of your disagreement with the injury rating.

Reviewing the Claim

Once the NOD has been filed, you can then ask that the claim be reviewed by another officer at the VA. They may decide to disagree with the original findings, in which case, you can file an appeal with the Board of Veterans Appeal. Any disagreement with them can then be lodged with the Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims, or the Federal Circuit.

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