Veterans Administration: 2 Tips to Effectively Working with Them

The Veterans Administration is dedicated to helping veterans of the US Army get the benefits and health care that they are entitled to. As it is part of the government, the veterans administration, or VA, is also a complex mass of red tape which can mean that you struggle to get the right help, and sometimes find it difficult to speak to the right person. This can sometimes make achieving your benefits hard work. In order to get the correct claim, you need to work effectively with the Veterans Administration.

Receiving Information from the VA

The veterans administration will regularly send information in the mail to ex-service personal. This will contain information on claiming benefits, and will also outline specific assistance, such as home loans or education, which can be provided by the VA. Read these pamphlets carefully, as they often contain text that can answer your questions about health or disability benefits. You can also receive information from the VA by speaking to dedicated personnel at army facilities.

Making a Claim with the VA

If you need to make a claim with the VA, start by reading through the information which has previously been mailed to you. You should then try and contact the administration. This is not always easy, as they can sometimes be rather difficult to contact. If you have a VA personnel specialist at a nearby military base, consider contacting them instead.

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