Veteran's Disability Benefits: The Scale of Disabilities

If you are a former member of the US armed forces, then you may be seeking veterans' disability benefits. These benefits are paid out to ex-military personnel who have suffered a severe or disabling injury or illness which prevents them from working to their full potential. These benefits are applied for through the VA, and the applicant is then examined by a physician. If the physician sees that they have a disabling injury or illness, then they will give them a scale of disability. This scale is then given a percentage, relating to the percentage of the injury which results directly from military service.

100% Injury

If the VA accept that you have an injury of between 70 and 100%, then you should be awarded a substantial sum. This can vary from a solitary veteran with 70% injuries, who would get around $1,228, to a veteran with 100% injury, a spouse and 2 dependant parents, who would get over $3,000. If the veteran also has children, then their veterans disability benefits will also increase.

30 to 60% Injury

For those in the 30 to 60% injury bracket, their veterans disability benefits will be slightly reduced. A 30% award to a veteran and spouse would be $421, while a 60% injury would get $1,064 in the same circumstances.

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