Veteran's Disability Compensation: Qualifying Exceptions for Increased Benefits

If you are an ex-services veteran who qualifies for veterans disability compensation, then you may also be able to get increased benefits. In order to get increased compensation for your injuries, you will first need to have them assessed and accepted as service-related injuries which have resulted in a long-term disability. Once you have this assessment, then you should be able to get the forms and information that you need to apply for further benefits.


If your injuries mean that you are no longer to take in employment, then you may be able to claim for increased compensation due to unemployability. Applying for this means that you are claiming total disability, which prevents you from securing or obtaining work. Once the application is processed, you may qualify for further benefits.

Worsening Illnesses

Along with physical injuries, many people seeking veterans disability compensation are suffering due to illnesses that they caught while on military service. This can include diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis. These diseases often worsen over time, meaning that the veteran will need to apply for increased benefits. If you have had a tropical disease which has progressed, then you need to re-apply for compensation, as you may now qualify for the higher disability rating.

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