Who Should Be Part of Your Estate Planning Team?

Creating an estate planning team is essential if you want to make sure that your estate is taken care of properly. Here are a few people that you might want to include in your estate planning team.

Insurance Agent

One important individual to include on your team is an insurance agent. You are going to need life insurance and potentially some other types of insurance. Having someone around that can explain all of the different products can be helpful.


Having a good estate planning attorney on your team is also critical. Your attorney will be able to help you make all the necessary documents that will be required for your estate such as a will or a trust.


You should also consider getting a good accountant for your estate planning team. An account will be able to help you identify ways that you can save on taxes and provide other financial suggestions for you to consider.

Trust Officer

You will also want to consider getting a trust officer on your estate planning team. If you have a trust set up, you are going to want a good trustee to watch over it. They will work in conjunction with your attorney to make sure all of the documents are correct for your trust.

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