AARP tax help offers assistance to older people with low incomes when they are completing their tax returns. This arrangement began in the late 1960s, and since then, the IRS has regularly trained AARP volunteers on all aspects of taxation. AARP tax aid is currently one of the largest tax-preparation services in the country.

Decide What Assistance You Need

Retired people need different types of assistance. The typical tax preparer will not know how a retirees income works. If you decide to use the AARP tax assistance scheme, you should first determine what forms you will need to file. Volunteers can help to file the 1040 form, schedules A and B and can also help you file electronically. Additionally, they offer year-round assistance when it comes to tax questions. 

Locate a Volunteer Near You

Visit the AARP tax-assistance site, which is located on the AARP website. You can find your local preparer by inputting your ZIP code. The website will automatically find your closest volunteer center. You may also be offered online tax-assistance sites. There is also a phone-number if you prefer to speak with someone.

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