Choosing the Right Property Tax Consultant

Choosing a property tax consultant can be overwhelming if you have never been through the process. Basically, a property tax consultant can assist you in when it comes to your tax appraisal and challenging your assessment if need be. To hire the best property tax consultant for you, there are a few factors to consider.

Evaluate Your Situation and Prepare

Before you are able to actually search for or hire a property tax consultant, it is important to evaluate the situation you are in. If you are challenging your property tax assessment, you will need to gather all paperwork and organize documents. It is essential that you have all paperwork to provide consultants. This will help them determine in the meet and greet if they can assist you. Also, having documents ready to hand over may help to lower costs. Spending more time searching for paperwork can result in higher costs for you.

Shop Around

Give yourself enough time to shop around and meet several consultants. Take references from friends and family and check them out with the better business bureau. When meeting with potential property tax consultants, do not be afraid to ask about previous cases as well as their client list. Something key to look for are long term clients. If their services are obtained year after year or again in the future, it is an indication that the clients saw positive results. Ask about availability as well as contact methods. You will want to be sure that you are comfortable with the amount of access you have to your consultant. If they seem eager to provide you with email addresses and phone numbers to contact with, it is a good sign that you will be able to stay in the loop and communicate with them. Above all else, go with your gut when making a choice. You have to feel comfortable with any consultant that you choose to work with. Trusting someone with a large amount of money can be risky.

Discuss Payment

Price may not be the determining factor when it comes to hiring a consultant, but it certainly should be one of many. Find out how each consultant charges. Some will have flat fees while others may work and charge you depending on the results of the case. This means that only if they save you money, will they get paid. If this is the case, check to find out what percentage they will take if in fact they can lower your taxes. This may seem like the better option, but if they take an extremely high amount, it will be smart to keep shopping around. It is important to get any payment methods in writing to have documentation.

Once you are finished meeting with potential consultants, take time to make a list of pros and cons. Weigh availability, price, past client ratings as well as your personal feelings. Do not rush into any decisions when hiring.

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