Comparing U.S. Federal Corporate Tax Rates To Europe

Federal corporate tax rates vary from country to country. Many of the highest corporate tax rates are in the United States. Europe offers some of the best corporate tax rates around the world. They offer many options to choose from because they have multiple countries to invest in. Some countries in Europe are even considered “welfare states,” meaning they care for individuals completely, including healthcare.

Tax rates can vary greatly from country to country, meaning your rates can be lower if your company is within a certain country. Since some countries are considered welfare states, these rates can be even higher. Welfare states provide completely for their citizens, their rates are generally higher since there has to be more money to fund these programs. The states are not best for corporations because the tax rates are higher.

Other countries within the European Union, however, provide excellent corporate tax rates.  They provide low corporate tax rates as an incentive to bring large businesses into their country and provide jobs and money into the area.

Research is the key to finding out which rate is the best for you.

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