Does The IRS Website Provide Useful Income Tax Help?

IRS income tax help can be found online at Individuals, and businesses, with questions or problems regarding their federal income taxes can contact the IRS directly or use their main website to find the answers that they need.

Frequently asked questions and answers, such as questions pertaining to IRS tax dependents, IRS tax efile and the IRS tax 1040 are available online. Also the website provides a search function with hundreds of links that discuss tax liability for individuals or businesses, IRS procedures, and penalties.

You can also contact your local IRS office by phone. The information is listed on the website's main page, click "help" at the top right corner, and look for the link that says, "Contact My Local Office." You will be taken to a map where you can click on your state to find your local IRS office. You can then call, write or visit the location for assistance with your tax issues.

Certain tax questions must be answered verbally.  Although the webpage will lead you in the direction of the answer, it cannot provide specific details for your particular tax situation.  Be sure to contact the IRS representatives and ask them questions. You may have to hold for a long time, or try a few representatives, but do not file without having your questions answered first.

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