Getting Income Tax Refund Checks from Past Years

If you are still waiting for some income tax refund checks from years ago, then it is time that you started trying to find these checks. The IRS will not offer you another refund check unless you tell them that it is missing, so start searching today, and track them down. Getting checks from years past from the IRS is always a challenge, but if you are determined, then you should get some results soon enough.

Find Proof

Before you make any claim to the IRS, you should first make sure that the tax office owes you some income tax refund checks. It is not enough to think that they do, you will need solid proof, usually in the form of printed statements from the IRS, or digital proof which you can download.

Make Contact

The next step is to make contact with the IRS. Start by calling their refund hotline on 1-800-829-1040. You will have to speak to an IRS officer, who will probably agree to send you forms. If you are claiming the checks as lost, they will send you one form, which you need to fill out, and then provide details of the refund, and evidence that it was not received.

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