How Can Someone Verify a Federal Tax ID Number?

There are a few ways that you can verify federal tax ID numbers for companies. A federal tax ID number is the number that the IRS associates with a company or individual. It identifies a company in the same way a social security number identifies an individual. Verifying your tax ID number or a company’s EIN is not a difficult task. All that is required is some basic information and access to a computer with an internet connection.

The Basic Process

Locate the Tax ID number using a copy of a federal tax return or by asking the company itself. Then go to a web site specifically designed to verify taxpayer identification numbers. You will be asked specific information about the taxpayer. Enter the information required and submit your inquiry. You will receive your verification shortly after submission.

Where to Look

Many websites provide information on how to locate the taxpayer identification number. Verifying the number once you have it is as simple as typing the information into a website or calling a FEIN service. They will need to know the ID number the name of the organization and the state in which taxes are filed. A fee is usually charged for this service however there are websites that provide this service free of charge.

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