How Does The IRS Pursue Corporate Tax Evasion?

The IRS pursues tax evaders who seek to avoid paying the corporate tax. The IRS has a corporate evasion criminal defense team that researches and prosecutes companies suspected of tax evasion. The companies suspected go through very detailed audits that go over all company books with an eye of skepticism. Money can be hidden deeply inside a company’s books or funneled outside of a company to try and hide the actual amount that a company earned. The IRS receives tips from different sources that there may be a violation.


The IRS will let a company know that they will be undergoing an audit. If anything suspicious is found, a deeper investigation will ensue. Criminal investigations will include warrants to search property as well as seizing records. It can be a very lengthy process taking a lot of time and money to complete.  


Corporate tax evasion is not taken lightly by the government. If found guilty of tax evasion prison and probation time can apply. In all cases if found guilty then the company will have to pay all back taxes as well as fines and interest on the misfiled taxes. IRS tax evasion penalties can be hefty and can include all attorney costs in connection with the suit.

Corporate tax evasion is taken very seriously by the government. It does not only affect the governments’ bottom line but it affects the lives of Americans everywhere.

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