How Long Is A IRS Federal Tax Lien Valid?

Did you know that an IRS federal tax lien has a time limit? If your taxes are unpaid, the IRS reserves the right to claim your property for a certain number of years, or until the taxes are paid in full.

The IRS has ten years after the date that a lien is filed to collect the funds. Unless there are special circumstances that extend the IRS federal tax lien statute of limitations, the lien must be automatically released after ten years, provided it was not re-filed. If the lien is re-filed, the IRS has a further ten years to collect the money due. Special circumstances might be bankruptcy or a Form 900 Waiver signed that allows additional time to collect tax.

Tax liens can be released within 30 days or payment in full or the acceptance of a bond guaranteeing payment. State or jurisdiction fees must also be covered in order for the lien to be released.

A federal tax lien could be withdrawn if the IRS does not follow procedure or if the lien is filed too soon. A withdrawal may also occur if the taxpayer enters an installment agreement to pay the debt once they receive the notice.

If you have further questions regarding federal tax liens that are general in nature, you may call (1-800-913-6050).

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