Lists Of Tax Credit Rates In America

There are no coordinated lists of tax credit rates available on a state-by-state basis. Tax credit rates that are offered individually are based on the tax codes for each state. Federal tax credits are provided through the IRS and are set forth by Congress.

The Reason there is no Coordinated Information

The reason that there is no coordinated list of information is the enormous amount of time and effort it would take to gather information about the individual states and their tax codes. The tax codes across America are vastly different from state to state. A few states, such as Alaska and Texas, do not even charge taxes on income.

Finding Tax Credit Rates across America

If an individual is interested in determining what the tax credit rates are for a particular state, they should go to the department of revenue site for the respective state. Other than that, there may be some limited information provided by groups, such as the National Taxpayers Union.  The information that may be available regarding tax credit rates across America changes frequently and without prior notice.
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