The Least Known Federal Energy Tax Credits

The least known federal energy tax credit that is available is the one for fuel cell power plants.  This credit allows a homeowner to receive an amount of 30 percent of the investment related to the installation of a qualified fuel power plant that converts fuel into electricity. This conversion must be done by electrochemical means in order for the system to qualify for the credit.

Fuel Cell Power Plant

The fuel cell power plant energy credit helps homeowner become self-sufficient for their energy needs. Converting fuel such as vegetable oil and other biodegradables into electricity cuts down on the need for transmission lines from a utility company. This reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and also reduces pollutants and other harm to the planet.

Finding Information about Energy Tax Credits

The availability of this and other energy tax credits can be found online. Going to the website will provide information concerning the availability of these credits and other energy credits that a homeowner (or business) may not have been aware of before.


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