The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), along with other organizations, is a sponsor of the volunteer income tax assistance program. The program is run by volunteers and offers assistance to qualified taxpayers with their taxes. Volunteers are trained and qualified to help clients complete their tax returns. Many volunteer income tax assistance programs offer free e-filing. In this way, the returns are filed quicker and taxpayers can get their refunds faster as well.

Qualification for Assistance

The volunteer income tax assistance program is available for low to moderate income people. Once a potential client's household income reaches a certain amount, then they cannot qualify for assistance. The current threshold is $49,000.

Program Location

Volunteer meet clients at various locations during tax season, such as community centers or libraries. The best way to find out the closet location is to visit or call the IRS. Many volunteers are bilingual. Also, taxpayers that are over the age of 60 can take advantage of the Elderly Program, which is separate from the volunteer income tax assistance program.

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