Your Economic Stimulus Payment

For tax season 2009 the government is offering a second stimulus payment. This stimulus will be provided for 124 million households. The payment will be for $1,200 and be provided in non-refundable outright payments. You must have a valid social security number and not be claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes in order to qualify. If you meet those criteria, you may be eligible depending on your first stimulus check in 2008.

Check the IRS website to find out how much was sent to you in 2008. Also, on the website you can find a recovery rebate calculator. Another stimulus payment up to $600 is being processed and up to $1,200 for joint filers who are not dependents on other tax returns and have at least $3,000 in qualifying income. The rebate check depends on the total income, tax credits, and last year's stimulus payment. You may be eligible if you did not receive the full refund last year. You can only receive the stimulus payment if you file a tax return. Once you filed your taxes you can expect to receive your stimulus check eight weeks from the time of filing and two weeks after you receive your tax refund.   



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